Santhosh Pillai

Executive Senior Vice President

Santhosh Pillai, our Executive Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, brings a wealth of expertise in accounting, computer technology, and operations management to Cicero Hospitality Group.

With a strategic focus on implementing centralized accounting systems using QuickBooks 2012 Enterprise database, Mr. Pillai has successfully overseen the management of Cicero’s diverse property portfolio.

His leadership extends to specialized proficiency in property bankruptcy accounting, showcasing his commitment to ensuring financial stability.

Managing all aspects of the group’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, Mr. Pillai excels in the setup of Virtual Private Networks and teleconferencing, further enhancing our operational efficiency.

Drawing from his background at NuSoft Solutions and Microsoft, he has implemented advanced technology solutions, enabling Cicero Hospitality Group to maintain a cutting-edge approach in project, finance, and personnel management from any location nationwide.

Christopher Yerke

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Director of Revenue

Christopher Yerke brings over twenty-two years of enriching experience in the hospitality sector, having commenced his illustrious career with the Promus Hotel Corporation. His extensive management journey, spanning various markets and cities across the United States, has equipped him with profound insights into sophisticated revenue management, channel connectivity, and systems integration. With a notable background overseeing Revenue Management strategies for distinguished properties like Doubletree and Embassy Suites by Hilton, Mr. Yerke has been at the forefront of implementing yield management software, formulating policies and procedures, and conducting comprehensive training programs.

In his role as the Regional Director of Revenue Management for Cicero Hospitality Group, Mr. Yerke takes charge of pricing strategies, market positioning, and revenue maximization across our portfolio of hotels. His weekly Revenue Optimization meetings and close collaboration with front desk and sales teams ensure the seamless implementation of strategies, fostering efficiency and aligning each hotel’s revenue approach with corporate goals and expectations. Constantly monitoring and communicating fluctuations in occupancy and pricing, Mr. Yerke dedicates significant energy to uphold a cohesive and effective overall revenue strategy for each property.

A Michigan State University graduate, Mr. Yerke embarked on his distinguished hospitality career with the Promus Hotel Corporation, amassing over twenty-two years of progressive management experience. Throughout his journey, he has been instrumental in several high-profile property conversions and openings, notably contributing to the success of the AAA Four Diamond-rated Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan, and the AAA Four Diamond-rated Inn at St John’s in Plymouth, Michigan. His expertise extends beyond revenue management, encompassing a diverse range of roles, including fostering close relationships with General Managers, Directors of Sales/Marketing, Revenue Managers/Directors, and Corporate Vice Presidents. Mr. Yerke is recognized as an executive with the experience, capability, and judgment to elevate properties to new heights by addressing deficiencies that hinder growth and prosperity.

Maria Osmano

Vice President of Operations & HR

Maria Osmano joined the organization in 2014 as an executive assistant to the Vice President. Over the past nine years, Maria has demonstrated exceptional growth within the Cicero family, progressing through roles such as Human Resource Manager, HR Director, Operations Director, Accounting Manager, and Corporate Starbucks Lead, culminating in her current position as the company’s VP of Operations. Maria she played a pivotal role in renovating properties, launching Starbucks outlets, and introducing innovative restaurant concepts. her noteworthy achievements include the opening of Cicero’s second Starbucks in downtown Detroit in 2021 and a third inside the Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital in 2022. Maria oversees operations and HR for three hotels, six Starbucks locations, and various entities within Cicero Hospitality.

Maria holds a J.D. from the University of Detroit School of Law and brings over a decade of event planning and recruiting experience for companies ranging upwards of 500 employees. Her dedication to both her career and family, coupled with a passion for hospitality, underscores her integral role in Cicero Hospitality.

Fadi Osmano

Vice President of Developments & Acquisitions

Fadi Osmano, Vice President of Developments & Acquisitions at Cicero Hospitality, graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in business communication before embarking on a dynamic career journey. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Fadi successfully launched and managed a startup business in the Small Business sector, focusing on fast food and retail markets in Southern California.

His transition to Real Estate Acquisitions during the “Great Recession” showcased his commitment to assisting clients with residential, commercial, agricultural, and financing needs. Notably, Fadi played a crucial role in helping over 200 residents avoid foreclosure during that challenging period, earning him an active five-star customer service rating in all 50 states under the NMLS database.

In addition to his Business and Finance background, Fadi has recently expanded his expertise into the development side of the industry. During his tenure at Cicero Hospitality, he has overseen the renovation of over 60,000 square feet of office space, revitalized all 245 rooms at Hilton West Palm Beach, renovated more than 150 multi-family units, and completed the construction of a 5,000-square-foot medical practice in Monroe, Michigan. Fadi is also responsible for managing all Engineering aspects, including staffing and operations, across all Cicero Hospitality properties. Currently, he is actively pursuing an Engineering Degree at Oakland University, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning and growth within the field.

Ermir Kulla

Vice President of Finance

Ermir Kulla, Vice President of Finance, is a distinguished leader in the corporate sector, bringing over 10 years of expertise in accounting and business management to Cicero Hospitality.

His extensive professional background encompasses financial reporting, internal controls, and a comprehensive understanding of controllership.

Ermir’s leadership is marked by a proven track record of building world-class teams through strategic hiring initiatives and enhancing business efficiency through innovative analytical skills and developmental acquisition proficiency.

With refined business acumen, he passionately guides corporate advancement by implementing strategic business reforms. Ermir’s commitment to excellence and strategic thinking positions him as a key driving force behind the financial success and growth of Cicero Hospitality.

Iliana Rushiti

Corporate Controller

Iliana Rushiti serves as the Corporate Controller at Cicero Hospitality, contributing her extensive expertise to the financial management of the organization. Iliana Rushiti is a highly motivated Assistant Controller with exceptional multitasking skills, contributing her expertise to Cicero Hospitality. Specializing in overseeing routine accounting operations, she excels in evaluating, creating, and reforming financial processes to enhance overall business efficacy. Iliana plays a crucial role in managing and ensuring the timely recording of material transactional documents across all branches of the corporate structure. Her ethical approach to executing key initiatives not only increases profits but also significantly elevates efficiency within complex systematic infrastructures. Iliana’s dedication and proficiency make her an invaluable asset to the Cicero team, driving financial success and operational excellence.

Michael Murdoch

Senior Accountant

Michael Murdoch, our Senior Accountant at Cicero Hospitality, stands as a remarkable professional in the hospitality industry. His meticulous oversight and management of numerous company accounts are a testament to his commitment to accuracy and precision. Michael’s work is infused with a passion for continuous improvement, as he consistently creates and manages different accounting systems and strategies to enhance organizational productivity. In his leadership role, Michael oversees all accountants within the Cicero team, providing valuable assistance with any issue that may arise, regardless of its complexity. His dedication and expertise play a pivotal role in maintaining the financial integrity and success of Cicero Hospitality.

Randy Dickow

Director of Culinary Operations

Randy Dickow, our Director of Culinary Operations, brings specialized expertise to the food service sector of the hospitality industry. In his role, Randy applies his particular skill set to meticulously oversee the management, budget, and operations of various food service infrastructures, including catering services and commercial kitchens. His belief in clear and effective department communication serves as a cornerstone for ensuring maximum business efficacy. Presently, Randy oversees four full-service restaurants and five quick-service locations, leading a team of over 300 employees. His dedication to culinary excellence and strategic leadership significantly contributes to the success and quality of the dining experiences within Cicero Hospitality.

Shawn Bray

Director of Hotel Technology

Shawn Bray, our Director of Hotel Technology, boasts two decades of distinguished experience in the information technology (IT) industry. A Monroe High School graduate, Shawn furthered his education at Monroe County Community College. Prior to joining Cicero Hospitality, he served as an IT User Support Officer for Monroe Bank and Trust. In his current role, Shawn is instrumental in designing, implementing, and adhering to strategic IT direction, overseeing hardware, maintenance, network enhancements, and providing technical property support. Beyond his professional endeavors, Shawn resides in Monroe with his wife, Stephanie, and their two children, Presley and Brett. His extensive IT background and commitment to technological excellence make him a valuable asset to the Cicero Hospitality team.

Suzana Gojcaj

Director of Marketing

Suzana Gojcaj, our esteemed Director of Marketing, is a seasoned and dynamic professional with a fervent passion for crafting innovative marketing strategies that foster growth and yield exceptional results. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in marketing management, Suzana boasts a proven track record of spearheading cross-functional teams, orchestrating successful marketing campaigns, and driving revenue in highly competitive industries. With an illustrious career, she has held leadership roles across various properties, leaving an indelible mark on the marketing landscape and contributing significantly to their success. Suzana’s expertise spans a diverse array of marketing disciplines, including digital marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, public relations, branding, market research, and customer engagement. Her visionary approach and comprehensive skill set make her an invaluable asset to Cicero Hospitality.

Sonila Jubani

Accounting Assistant

Sonila Jubani, our dedicated Accounting Assistant, specializes in providing meticulous financial support. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for maintaining financial integrity, Sonila plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of financial processes within our organization. Her expertise lies in overseeing reconciliation and accounts payable, making her an invaluable asset in the realm of finance. Sonila approaches her work with a high level of precision and a steadfast commitment to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in accounting. Recognizing the importance of maintaining accurate financial records, she diligently works to support the financial health and success of the organization.

Julie Camal

Executive Assistant

Julie Camal, our accomplished Executive Assistant, is an experienced administrator who brings robust organizational and communicative skills to the Cicero team. Her specializations play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and morale within the organization. The multifaceted role of an Executive Assistant demands expert-level time management and purposeful prioritization skills, both of which Julie excels at. Leveraging her knowledgeable proficiencies, she channels her communicative aptitude, operating as the liaison to the senior management team. Julie approaches each task with professionalism, utmost care, and unwavering confidence, contributing significantly to the seamless functioning of Cicero Hospitality.

Essential Development/Construction Team

Dustin Maser

President of Essential Development

Dustin Maser, serving as the President of Essential Development at Cicero Hospitality, is a seasoned professional with over twenty years of extensive background in construction and project management within the realm of hospitality. With a profound commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, Dustin leads our construction endeavors with a strategic vision that aligns seamlessly with the principles of hospitality management.

Dustin’s expertise lies in orchestrating the successful execution of construction projects, ensuring that each property reflects the highest standards of quality and functionality. From groundbreaking to project completion, he oversees every phase with precision, ensuring that the design and construction align with the unique needs and aesthetic aspirations of each hospitality venture.

In the dynamic world of hospitality management, where the physical space is integral to guest experiences, Dustin’s role is pivotal. He not only navigates the complexities of construction logistics but also collaborates closely with other departments to ensure that the design and functionality of each property contribute to the overall success of Cicero Hospitality. Under his leadership, Cicero Hospitality continues to be the industry leaders in hospitality construction.

Doug Maser

Construction Supervisor

Doug Maser, Construction Supervisor at Cicero Hospitality, brings over twenty years of construction expertise to ensure the seamless execution of projects within the hospitality sector. Tasked with overseeing day-to-day operations, Doug plays a pivotal role in translating architectural visions into tangible, high-quality spaces that align with Cicero Hospitality’s commitment to excellence. Collaborating closely with the leadership team and stakeholders, he ensures projects adhere to timelines, budgets, and uphold the highest standards of quality. Doug’s attention to detail and problem-solving skills are instrumental in addressing unforeseen challenges during the construction process, contributing to the successful realization of projects. In the dynamic realm of hospitality management, Mr Maser’s role is critical in creating spaces that surpass guest expectations and set the stage for unparalleled hospitality experiences.

Corina Quinones

Construction Supervisor

Corina Quinones, as Construction Coordinator at Cicero Hospitality, is a detail-oriented professional facilitating seamless construction operations. With a keen eye for coordination, Corina plays a vital role in ensuring efficient communication between teams, suppliers, and project managers. Her proactive approach and organizational skills contribute to the successful execution of construction projects, aligning with Cicero Hospitality’s commitment to excellence in hospitality management.