Santosh Pillai

Executive Senior Vice President

Santhosh Pillai, our Executive Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, brings a wealth of expertise in accounting, computer technology, and operations management to Cicero Hospitality Group. With a strategic focus on implementing centralized accounting systems using QuickBooks 2012 Enterprise database, Mr. Pillai has successfully overseen the management of Cicero’s diverse property portfolio. His leadership extends to specialized proficiency in property bankruptcy accounting, showcasing his commitment to ensuring financial stability. Managing all aspects of the group’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, Mr. Pillai excels in the setup of Virtual Private Networks and teleconferencing, further enhancing our operational efficiency. Drawing from his background at NuSoft Solutions and Microsoft, he has implemented advanced technology solutions, enabling Cicero Hospitality Group to maintain a cutting-edge approach in project, finance, and personnel management from any location nationwide.